Play Midnight

for Google Play Music

Enjoy your music at night.

All the time.

Chrome Extension


Firefox Addon


Currently Outdated. Please check Github to contribute.

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About Play Midnight

Play Midnight is a different take on the standard theme that is used on Google Play Music. As much as I love the original look of Play, the brightness can hurt the eyes after a while. After noticing there wasn't a dark alternative Play Midnight came to be.

To change the color options for Play Midnight, click the Play Midnight FAB button on the bottom right of your screen, or at the very bottom of the left sidebar if you disabled the FAB button.

Feel free to tell me any things you like or dislike as well as graphical changes and I'll take everything into consideration (I'm not a designer). Thanks for trying out Play Midnight, and I hope you enjoy!

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Created by Chris Tieman ( Donate )